Cincinnati Right to Life : Washington Post Raises Red Flags in Ohio

Cincinnati Right to Life response on Washington Post Article

COLUMBUS, OH — In a must-read column for the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker dissects Ohio’s extreme anti-parent amendment, raising concerns about its dangerous implications.

Right off the bat, the amendment will eviscerate parental consent and notification protections for minors.

“Such legal recourse would not be possible under the proposed constitutional amendment, which shields all parties to an abortion from ‘interference,’ stating that ‘every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on contraception, fertility treatment, continuing one’s own pregnancy, miscarriage care, and abortion.’ (For these reasons alone, a lawsuit was filed at the Ohio Supreme Court)

“Several phrases here cry out for clarity. ‘Every individual,’ for instance, means minors are free from interference, relegating their parents to a tertiary role without standing or authority. The state becomes the parent, in other words. And ‘but not limited to’ leaves the door parted for other loosely related procedures. ‘Fertility treatment,’ broadly applied, could protect sterilization, as well as transgender alterations, from parental input.”

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