Mission & Goals

The Mission of Geauga County Catholic Pro-Life Coalition

“Life is sacred and a gift from God. God is the author and creator of human life and it is his divine right, not man’s, to decide on when it should begin and end. The parishioners of the Geauga County vow to protect this gift of human life, from the moment of conception to the time of natural death. To those men and women who have experienced the pain and heartache associated with abortion, we vow to pray and walk with you on your journey of healing with God.  For those who are struggling with pregnancy (planned or unplanned) through an end-of-life situation, HELP is here to provide resources and support to help you with the difficult decisions you face. 

Consistent with our mission to defend human life, we recognize that children have a right to be nurtured by a mother and father. We hold marriage as a covenantal bond designed according to the God’s plan, and that this committed relationship is open to the procreation and rearing of children.


The Goal & Focus of Geauga County Catholic Pro-Life Coalition

The Culture of death permeates throughout our entire country and the world. Due to the size and magnitude of this appalling evil, HELP concentrates most of its pro-life work to serve the local Catholic churches and the local community within the geographical region of Geauga County. United as One, the main goal of the seven (7) Catholic churches in Geauga County is to be a voice for the innocent, the voiceless, and the forgotten children of God waiting to be born and to protect these children from the culture of death. Based upon traditional Catholic pro-life principles and doctrines, HELP endeavors to provide pro-life education to our Catholic brothers and sisters within our coalition, our local community, and our diocese. This includes exposing and challenging the anti-life, culture of death rhetoric that runs rampant within our church’s, our educational system, our health care systems, and within our local and national government. We are the pro-life watchdogs whose goal is to bring God’s light to all and to expose and battle the evil and darkness which threatens the scared gift from God, LIFE!

H – Heal

(Community Outreach)

E – Educate

L – Lead

(Community Action, A Call to Action)

P – Pray & Fast

Pictured are just some of the amazing members of the Geauga County Catholic Pro-Life Coalition.

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